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Spanish Original by: Fr. José L. Caravías, SJ
English Edition by: Pastoral Bible Foundation

Bible: Download the Christian Community Bible, Catholic Pastoral Edition in different languages (English, Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilonggo, Bahasa, & Chinese)

Daily Gospel 2005: with complete scriptural reflections for your daily use... including the Tagalog version, Pandesal.


Plus... Gospel Reflections: by Fr. Gerry Pierse, C.Ss.R., from his book Sundays Into Silence: A Pathway to Life and Weekly Bible Commentaries from Diario Biblico.

Liturgical Drawings: Our artist, Maria d.c. Zamora Crosby, is pleased to share with you her artwork. You can use it for non-commercial purposes.

Liturgy Alive:
Your Daily Liturgy taken from the book Liturgy Alive, Models of Celebrations (Sundays & Weekdays). Plus... A New
Presentation for Sunday's Liturgy.


A Certain Jesus: Ideal for catechetical and liturgical dramatization for Sunday's gospels.


Weekday Liturgical Reflections: Selection of our best commentaries for weekdays. You know that the liturgical readings for Sundays have a three year cycle: Years A, B and C. But the gospel readings for weekdays are repeated every year.

It is for weekdays that we present now the following commentaries taken from the past, present and future editions of BIBLE DIARY.

Some inspiring presentations (our collections from friends email...)

The Cry Of A Father's Heart From Genesis To Revelation

Lenten Reflections

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